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About Paul Asbreuk

His passion for food explains why he dedicated more than 20 years of his life to the food industry. It is an industry changing at in increasing speed. The continuous battle for consumer preference forces the industry to respond faster and with increasing efficiency. For each activity the optimal location and method have to be found. This leads to a change from local to global supply chains.
Paul has spent time and resources to understand these developments. His personal investment in studies in supply chain and global leadership contribute to the assets of Triple-A-Food. His development of global supply chains for nuts, spices and herbs is a clear result of his strive for excellence.
The most pronounced qualities of Paul are his analytical skills and the capability of making the conclusions understood by the whole organization. He can lead people through change processes while maintaining stability within the company.

Companies where Paul has performed a leading role:
Royal Cosun BV, Unifine Sauces and Spices, Royal Zeelandia BV, Royal Euroma BV, Samba BV, Lidco en Guysuco (dairy factories in South America), Inbev, Campina BV, Masterfoods, Sabatasso, Monte Pizza, Alanheri, Supperfood.