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All projects are based on Triple E:
 Effective: More focus on activities that contribute to the company goals and reduction or elimination of activities that are not aligned. What are the core activities to maintain and strengthen and which activities should be nominated for outsourcing.
Efficient: Increasing the yield of the assets. This comprises of the direct contribution of staff and equipment as well as investments in people (education, organizational structure) and equipment (optimalization of men – machine interaction, preventive versus curative maintanance).
Equity: How to maximize ROI. Where to allocate the financial resources in order to achieve the company’s goals. This comprises of finding the balance between stock levels and length of production runs up to defining the balance between customer requirements and the price/quality ratio of raw materials and process equipment.
Some of the methods used within Triple-A-Food:
Pareto analysis
Control charts
Scatter diagramm
Ishikawa diagramm
Flow charts
Supplier audits and – evaluation methodes
Internal audits
Deming’s improvement circles