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Improvement of operational result.
Situation: A new acquired factory (€ 6 million turnover) operates with a negative bottom line.
Task: Improvement of the operational result and presentation of future scenario’s to the board of directors.
Action: Analizis of the situation, implementation of a system to measure the operational efficiency, definition of improvement proposals and implementation.
Result: Operational losses minimized and increased free production capacity from 30 to 60%. Advice to the board of directors to either increase production allocated to this site or to close the site and transfer production to other locations.

Improvement of operational result.
Situation: The company has reduced her activities as a result of strategic reorientation.
Task: Adjustment of the operational activities to bring them in line with the present level of activities.
Action: Reduction and repositioning of staff, changes in processing and investments to increase efficiency, rationalisation of the product portfolio and recipes, implementation of a purchase strategy.
Result: Reduction of the operational costs per unit of 20%.

Process optimalization.
Situation: After renewing the factory (€ 40 million turnover) persistent quality problems occured; even leading to product recalls.
Task: Solving the (microbiological) issues in the factory and reducing the percentage products off spec..
Action: Analyis of production data; formation of teams per issue; disassembling productionlines to find the root causes; introduction of temporary additional cleaning schedules; improvements on hygienic design of equipment; optimization of the CIP (cleaning in place) program.
Result: Within six weeks the products were free of the microbiological contaminations.

Start up of factory.
Situation: Factory (€ 15 million turnover) was demolished by fire. Due to a recent relocation of the factory the majority of the staff was newly hired and inexperienced.
Task: Responsible for product quality, training of the employees and start up of the production lines.
Action: Execute training on the job; enforcing equipment suppliers to rebuild machines according to required specifications.
Result: First supplies to the market four weeks after the fire. HACCP certification within 6 months.