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Supply chain

 Defining business rules and management on forecast.
Situation: A company (80 mln € turnover/year) with a very big number of different customer agreements on delivery times, quantities and packaging per product. About 25% of the turnover is determined by forecast in the ERP system. 
Task: Standardization of customer agreements and a forecast of the complete turnover in the ERP package.
Action: Determination, with plant managers, of the relation between change over times, run lengths and production capacity. Listing of present agreements and turnover per customer. Formation of stands packages and turnover per product range, in consultation with the plant- and sales managers. Assessment of agreements and drawing of a blue print for the adaption of the ERP package. Coaching of the sales staff to improve the reliability of the forecast.
Result: Business rules are defined and confirmed with signatures of directors, plant managers and sales managers. Adaptation of the ERP system. First operational results after six months.